Summit Technology

At Summit Lighting we build our fixtures with components built by the most reliable and technically advanced manufacturers in the world.  We work closely with Philips, Sunpulse and Universal to constantly design and build fixtures that bring our customers the most reliable products on the market.  Here are examples that are built into our products that bring both safety and dependability.

  1. Our electronic ballasts input current have Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) of less than 15%
  2. Our electronic ballasts have “end of life” detection and shutdown circuit.
  3. Lamps are digitally tuned for maximum efficiency with our electronic ballasts
  4. Low frequency square wave technology
  5. Our electronic ballasts provide “lamp current crest factor” of less than 1.5.
  6. Our electronic ballasts are thermally protected to shut off when temps reach unacceptable levels

Mission Statement

Our goal at Summit Lighting, Inc is to continue to bring the most innovative products to market that allow the professional agriculture community to produce higher yields while consuming less energy and using fewer nutrients and additives.

We do this by constantly trying to create an environment that is closest to what the sun produces naturally. This approach reduces the amount of stress placed on the plants and allows them a chance to grow as natural as possible in an artificial environment.