Down South Hemp

Down South Hemp is a licensed premium grade hemp farm located in Erwin, North Carolina. We are currently growing Colorado Cherry, Boax, T1 and Haleigh’s Hope plants here on our farm.

We are currently offering mother plants, clones and flower to other hemp companies.

We offer top quality Full Spectrum Cannabidiol Oil, Hemp Products, merchandise and accessories to the general public and wholesale.

We value outstanding customer service and will ensure you get the products that you need in the timeframe that you need them.

We are here to provide you with all your hemp needs!

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Summit Lighting Fixtures:

The pics below show our SUM315H being used as supplemental lighting in their greenhouses.

Mission Statement

Our goal at Summit Lighting, Inc is to continue to bring the most innovative products to market that allow the professional agriculture community to produce higher yields while consuming less energy and using fewer nutrients and additives.

We do this by constantly trying to create an environment that is closest to what the sun produces naturally. This approach reduces the amount of stress placed on the plants and allows them a chance to grow as natural as possible in an artificial environment.