Boulder Wellness Center

Boulder Wellness Center is a multi-award winning, grower owned cannabis dispensary. We are focused on providing the highest quality cannabis using natural growing methods and ingredients. We hand water each plant, and hand trim them during the process of a several week curing period, resulting in the deepest possible odor and flavor profile, allowing each strain to “show themselves” fully. Our gardens are completely pesticide free and GMO free. We keep pests and pathogens at bay by having a hospital-grade filtration system in our gardens, and keeping a clean sterile workspace that is just the right environment for plants, not for mold and pests. Since 2009 we have been the preferred dispensary for cannabis enthusiasts who want only the best quality available, and a truly unique experience.

In addition to our Medical marijuana dispensary, we are pleased to now offer our potent flavorful cannabis to the general public, age 21+. Our Recreational marijuana dispensary (co-located with the Medical dispensary) is updated often with new products. All edibles and medicinal products we offer on our shelves have been tested by our staff to be sure we only the best possible version of each type of cannabis product. Special offers, competitive pricing, an award winning product, and our friendly knowledgeable staff help to attract and retain our many loyal repeat customers.

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Summit Lighting Fixtures:

In the pics below Boulder Wellness is using the SUM150H for veg.  They replaced their T5 fixtures with our CMH150 fixtures and reduced their wattage and heat by 40%.  

Mission Statement

Our goal at Summit Lighting, Inc is to continue to bring the most innovative products to market that allow the professional agriculture community to produce higher yields while consuming less energy and using fewer nutrients and additives.

We do this by constantly trying to create an environment that is closest to what the sun produces naturally. This approach reduces the amount of stress placed on the plants and allows them a chance to grow as natural as possible in an artificial environment.